Birth Emergency Skills Training

Birth Emergency Skills Training®
Midwifery Simulation and Skills Workshop

Are you prepared for the unexpected?

Midwives attending childbirth in homes and birth centers seldom encounter emergencies, but when crisis occurs, lives hang in the balance! It is difficult to remain proficient in skills so seldom practiced, yet pregnant women rely on the expertise of the provider in an emergency.

The original is STILL the BEST!

Birth Emergency Skills Training® is the longest-running emergency skills course for out-of-hospital midwives, proudly educating thousands of participants since 2008. Participants build on core competencies and apply current evidence to clinical practice though lively discussion and mentored simulation.The live workshop confers 1.6 ACNM CEUs (16 hours including two for pharmacology) and 14 maternal and 2 newborn CEUs for MEAC.

Birth Emergency Skills Training® (BEST) 

is a midwifery textbook that carries the reader from the initial steps of intervention though definitive care, balancing a friendly tone and visual appeal with authoritative and clinically useful information. BEST Birth Emergency Skills Training ®, has won numerous awards, is featured on the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) written exam reference list for the Certified Professional Midwife. It has been translated into Russian and has evolved into a dynamic and innovative live workshop.



Birth Emergency Skills Training: Manual for Out-of-Hospital Midwives 

Birth Emergency Skills Training Second Edition
Birth Emergency Skills Training Second Edition

 Second Edition!

BEST® helps the midwife acquire expertise by uniting “book smarts” with “street smarts” and emphasizing development of critical thinking skills. The second edition of BEST® is more comprehensive than the first, with a broader range of topics, greater clinical relevance, new mnemonics and graphics, a glossary, and many additional photographs and illustrations. Projected publication August 2018 by Synclitic Press.


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