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Bonnie U. Gruenberg, CNM
Author of Birth Emergency Skills Training

bonnie gruenberg
Bonnie Gruenberg

Bonnie Urquhart Gruenberg, CNM, MSN, CRNP, former EMT-P developed the BEST courses based on her award winning book, Birth Emergency Skills Training; Manual for Out-of-Hospital Midwives (Birth Guru /Birth Muse Press, 2008). She was trained in a busy home birth practice, caught her next 1500 babies at tertiary care hospitals, and is now attends births in a free-standing birth center, at home, and in the hospital with Birth Care in Lancaster County, PA. Besides B.E.S.T. Bonnie has published Essentials of Prehospital Maternity Care (Prentice Hall, 2005), and The Midwife’s Journal (Birth Muse Press, 2009), as well as the award-winning The Wild Horse Dilemma:Conflicts and Controversies of the Atlantic Coast Herds (Quagga Press, 2015) and Hoofprints in the Sand: Wild Horses of the Atlantic Coast (Eclipse Press 2002). She is also an artist and photographer who illustrates her own books.

Andrea Dixon, CNM
Midwife, Educator, and Instructor of B.E.S.T., CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP)

andrea dixon
Andrea Dixon

Andrea Dixon RN, CNM, BEST Instructor and designer of the BEST workshop, has studied midwifery since 1980. As home birth practitioner, she attended women in the largest geographical area of California while co managing a busy birth center. More recently, full scope partner in a large, high risk, urban hospital practice coupled with home and birth center midwifery she has attended over 1,000 births. Currently she offers CPR, NRP training and PRN coverage for home birth midwifery practices through Family Way Services, Indiana. She has designed and instructed online Midwifery Curriculum, including BEST (Birth Emergency Skills Training) when it was an online workshop with Aviva Institute.

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How BEST helped save a baby’s life (five minute shoulder dystocia)

“As soon as the client was pushing on the bed for the final time … I was hearing Bonnie Gruenberg in my head. .. As soon as I saw the ‘Turtle Sign’ it was my inner monologue said: Here we go. The BEST book just played through my head. .. Most of the time, birth just happens. Everyone here knows that. But when something deviates and we have to respond, we have to be up to the task”.
Midwifery student

How BEST helped a midwife respond to an emergency

“I had a momma hemorrhage after delivery, but before the placenta had delivered (4 accessory lobes, btw)… I honestly think getting the hands on training gave me the confidence to just go for it and do what I knew was needed. You can read and “know what to do”, but hands on practice makes a huge difference…I’m just extremely thankful for the workshop and the experience. If you ever come back, I’m definitely taking it again – just a refresher. I almost wish this course was mandatory for staying current on like NRP”.
Practicing midwife

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