Birth Emergency Skills Training

Midwifery Simulation and Skills Workshop

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What it is


Birth Emergency Skills Training for Out-of-Hospital Providers® (BEST) is the original certification course that prepares out-of-hospital midwives, physicians, nurses, and birth assistants to manage obstetrical emergencies with greater confidence and proficiency. Participants build on core competencies and apply current evidence to clinical practice though lively discussion and mentored simulation. BEST is the longest-running emergency skills course for out-of-hospital midwives, proudly educating midwives thousands of midwives since 2008. The live workshop confers 1.6 ACNM CEUs (16 hours including two for pharmacology) and 14 maternal and 2 newborn CEUs for MEAC.

Midwives who attend births at home and in free-standing birth centers work with low-risk clientele and seldom encounter emergencies. Yet life-threatening pregnancy and delivery complications may arise unexpectedly during an otherwise normal labor. In a crisis, the birth attendant must respond adeptly, but techniques seldom practiced decay over time, and ongoing research brings new recommendations. BEST sharpens skills so that providers may confidently manage obstetrical emergencies.

What you get

When you book a live BEST workshop for your group, can be customized to your audience. The content can be tailored to students, birth assistants, or experienced midwives. The BEST course includes a systematic approach to:

  • Recognizing the high-risk pregnancy
  • Pain and bleeding in pregnancy
  • Complications arising in pregnancy
  • Managing Complications of Birth
  • Postpartum Emergencies
  • Neonatal Emergencies

The two-day course includes two 8 hour days, with timely breaks and lunch. The class includes didactic information, learning activities, hands on practice, and case studies, as well as trauma management and pregnancy complications scenarios.

The BEST deal

Workshops are held for a minimum of 12 and up to 25 participants.
International venues welcome!

We charge per participant. Course costs vary dependent on venues and hosts. We require a non-refundable deposit of $200.00 to “save the date” and advertise your workshop on our site. A head count and $300.00 good faith payment is required 30 days prior to your workshop, both refundable at the final course tally. Invoice is issued and payment due the 2nd day of workshop.

NEW! Birth In The Wild™ disaster response training!

Earthquake. Flood. War. Every year hundreds of thousands of women are affected by natural disaster or  are displaced by war. In major crises, the pregnancy rate increases, and women and their babies struggle to meet basic needs.

Created by Andrea Dixon, Birth in the Wild™ will train you to assist women in childbirth and others in need when resources are scarce or stabilization prolonged. You will practice triage, first aid, chain of command, team building, and debriefing, as well as advanced Birth Emergency Skills Training® techniques.  Birth in the Wild™ prepares birth professionals, EMTs, civilian response personal, and lay volunteers to answer the call.

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The workshop is based on the award winning textbook Birth Emergency Skills Training: A Manual for Out-of-Hospital Midwives (Birth Muse Press, 2008). BEST carries the reader from the initial steps of intervention though definitive care, balancing a friendly tone and visual appeal with authoritative and clinically useful information. It is loaded with mnemonics and other memory aids, and is richly illustrated with the author’s artful drawings and photography.

To plan a live workshop, contact:

Andrea L. Dixon RN, CNM
Family Way Educational Services

(317) 294-3972


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